Brand New Day lyrics from ending song of Flying Colors (2015)

Brand New Day by Emi Meyer, 瀬川英史, Albert Chiang

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曲名: Brand New Day
:瀬川英史/Emi Meyer (エミ・マイヤー)/Albert Chiang
年: 2016



On your lips is the kiss of sunrise you miss
Warm my arms heal you suffering dreaming
On my hearts is a Marker the first charts you seen
We want change not today not ever
It's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
The future comes dancing like our rise
Hand over heals such a charts
Can you feel it coming you shine all the world the hot spotlight
Every under cool dark night
enchant orange purple green forever seen
Changing everything but us day and night
This is, this is, this is a brand new day
You are, you are, you are a brand new day
Wow oh wow oh
You are a brand new day
Wow oh Wow oh you are a brand new day

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